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    Definite advantages exist for the organization when you have developed the training capabilities of your managers. Teach managers to train, and you will increase the effectiveness of your internal training.

Additionally, training, coaching, and mentoring become an expected and well-utilized aspect of managers’ jobs. Employees react favorably when managers provide training too. Not only do employees believe they will have the opportunity to use the training provided by managers, but they react more positively to the expectations of a manager versus those of a trainer.

Moreover, preparing, instructing, and tutoring becomes a normal and all-around used part of supervisors’ positions. Representatives respond well when supervisors give preparation as well. In addition to the fact that employees believe they will have the chance to utilize the preparation given by administrators, yet they respond all the more emphatically to the assumptions for a supervisor versus those of a coach.

Your organization will benefit from developing the training capabilities of your employees. Teach your employees to train, and you will raise the quality of your internal training.

This gives employees an advantage over a trainer who has to learn about the company’s culture, strengths, and weaknesses, and at the same time, get to know the people.


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