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Dating An Older Man: Pros, Cons, + Advice For The Modern Woman

Quite a list of demands that most women now want from us men unfortunately. Most of you women are total losers altogether as it is since you’re better off to get a cat for a pet and grow very old all alone with it. NMJ – as a man who is much closer to 60 than 50, it just seems like the number of available, age-appropriate women who are reasonably fit and stylish are few and far between.


Starring Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack, the film engages in a young and old relationship between a man and a woman. Although the “relationship” depicted in the film is a temporary sexual alliance, the film is a sensitive portrayal of age, sex, intimacy, and connection, and how they correspond to each other. On the one hand, what these statistics indicate is that there is a lacuna in dedicated surveys done to ascertain the growth of such relationships. At the same time, it is clear that a mature woman dating a younger man may not be a very common occurrence, however, it not only exists but is flourishing. Percentages may be low, but the numbers are promising.

You may have a meeting of the minds with this man, but are you physically attracted to him as well? It takes both for a well-rounded relationship. Certainly, there are many older men who take care of their bodies, but if you’ve only dated younger men, you may not even know what an older guy’s body looks like. It may, quite honestly, turn you off. There’s appeal in that, and you can’t always find it with a younger guy who’s still struggling to find his foothold in his career.

Being that I was on my own for 20 years before meeting her, I learned and did all the things one needs to do when in a household. The Army taught me how to iron my shirts and take care of my gear, and I just ran with that. Tom…..I have been reading all your posts and I think this all comes down to the integrity of people and the respect they have for others. I was never a cheater and don’t ever intend to be.

Most of my friends are married or are not looking, so I do not have anyone to talk to about all this except for my therapist. It would be nice to have more people to bounce ideas off of, and have them read your profiles, etc. Not sure if anyone else feels the same. Anyway, I’m not giving up and will look for ways to make the process work better. Kathy, I am a guy who has an older lady friend and we are very open with each other. She is still quite beautiful at 70 and is newly divorced.

Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women

It almost always comes out right on the first date and you have to engage in this wierd fake dialog. I counted 20 guys for every woman in my demographic. Great odds for the ladies, a sucker’s bet for the guys. Color me frustrated because finding a 50-something woman who meets all three of those criteria AND is available is akin to finding a purple unicorn. I am a mid 50’s straight male in good physical shape, fully “functional”, strong sex drive, very financially independent, was married for 20+ years and have 2 children from my previous marriage. For most of my life I have had about as many female friends as male friends.

“I had to re-evaluate my own prejudice, my fears, my inferiority complex,” he said. “With age comes sophistication, so older men are usually more experienced, sophisticated, and smarter in their choices. He is a former Marine and Navy man, who I finally got to tell me was a front line infantry , and once admitted he had to kill people while in the service, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

Our two sons were ok with me going off. I would not call it dating at first. Looking back, I was learning to breathe again. I have no idea what my future holds.

Just remember that we get one time around on this planet….men and children can literally be the death of us mature women…married or not. Let us just observe the success of this and other sites. They definitely are not doing the service for free. Can you imagine services that picked up a date for you back in the day? Haha…they would have been called something quite different. A lot of women nowadays that aren’t friendly at all, and not to mention that many of them do have some kind of a mental illness to begin with.

Remember that it’s about the two of you as individuals, not your age difference.

The question will be if you will do something about him or simply let him go. When he will leave the nest I probably will feel lonely, but I will not waste my time looking for a man, because the selection is….. I am your age and younger men than me are being attracted to me. Initially when I became single again I gave those men attention, after few dates I found them extremely boring.

If the erection goes away, oh well, it will come back soon. In the meantime, enjoy kissing and holding each other by the fire. I’m currently not ready to date again since my feelings are still very raw.

You may not be in the relationship for all the right reasons.

I have a decent life now but being wanted and needed would make me happier. I think decent men are great people and I truly enjoy their company. But I am not one for casual relationships. I treasure what can truly be between a man and a woman if they both act unselfishly out of kindness and compassion. That bond if it can be achieved is one of life’s greatest gifts.