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Senior guy dating sophomore girl

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We dated for 8 months, but then we realized that we didn’t really have too much in common to have a healthy relationship. The fact that all his friends were older made it harder to hang out…for me, personally, I like my guy to be comfortable with my friends. Till she settled down with this dude in my grade.

As a senior, Is dating a sophomore okay?

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As a mom…I always worry a little bit about age difference in HS. But I wouldn’t really worry about a 2 year gap unless there was something alarming about the person my kid was dating. I would get brushed up on the legal age of consent and romeo and Juliette laws in my state and let my kid know. High school is a place where lot of people know you, and freshman is definitely not worth it because it will certainly come to light.

You say 1 to 3 years isn’t looked down upon, correct? From what I read, you were implying that was the case? I’m a senior girl dating a sophomore male, and an age difference of two years actually means nothing outside of high school. That is the only reason it appears “strange” outside of a school setting or a relationship. They are just friends with benefits, basically. You meet someone dating a freshman in college, i didnt get serious with the court if you meant every college freshman in the movies one-on-one.

Other people worry about the gap because they feel that it creates a barrier between them. This statement is discriminatory, but many parents think of this when found out their kid is dating a senior. Well, in the parents’ eyes, at least. During your dating period, you should try to go on at least one date per week. If you both like each other enough, then by the end of your dating period you should have found the time to meet up regularly. However, don’t rush into anything serious!

Not long ago, I was in high school, and there were numerous senior/sophomore couples, with the guy being older the great majority of the time. When both of my twin girls dated seniors during their sophomore year, I didn’t think it was inappropriate. They were young adults, able to make their own decisions about what kind of relationship they wanted to have. In these states may, this also illegal for example, 16 year olds free.

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Last year I dated a senior, and it worked out terrific. If this guy is a normal, nice senior then I see no reason not to go for it. His friends will probably be accepting of you, and treat you just like one of them, no big deal. Just as long as you’re sure he’s not that scuzzy older guy type, because they do exist.