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Long Island Singles Speed Dating Ages 57-73 Jericho Tickets, Sun, Apr 16, 2023 At 4:30 PM

Its more fun with someone close your age, because communication and understanding will be easier. Sounds like you and I are looking for the same thing. I love to bake, go to the beach, go camping several times a year, dinner with friends, etc… Just normal life stuff. Women my age want someone to travel with, someone to hang down at block island or the. They all seem to be going through a mid life crisis or something. I’m so sick of the phrase “live life to the fullest”.

If there is a mutual interest, they will contact you. If you don’t hear back, no worries, there is always more singles to meet next time. If you aren’t able to attend a SPEED DATING EVENT at the last minute for which you have registered and paid, out of consideration for others, please exercise the courtesy of letting us know ASAP. Ideally, the best solution is for you to pass along your admission to a friend of the same sex and within the event’s stated age group so as not to throw off our balance of matches. If you are unable to send a replacement, we’ll attempt to replace you from a waiting list . At my events, when a women chooses FRIEND on her sheet and the man chooses DATE …

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So don’t feel bad for not finding the one, the selection is very poor. You have to remember that this time what you are looking for is not clear. The first time you wanted husband house and kids.

Age C 44-59 Speed Dating Medford Sat 5/20/23 @ 4pm

I think it is just hard at this age to find someone, when most people have become selfish, self centered, or are too damaged to care. I am far from desperate, I am not materialistic, and I can hold an intelligent conversation. I am attractive and height/weight proportionate. I don’t have these highfallutin expectations that a lot of women 50 and over have. I just want a nice, kind, intelligent man to share life with. On Match I found that the men have their own specifics of what they want in a woman, seemed real pompous to me or were really grungy looking.

I get that you’d like to be with someone who cares enough about their own health and appearance. I don’t judge someone based on looks, but for comfort on many levels I understand wanting a partner who is height/weight proportionate. I personally don’t need physical perfection because I certainly am not perfect, but it is nice to see someone who takes care of themselves. I too keep a few extra pounds in check but I know I look good when I leave my house. Chris….you sound like a genuine person also. It is nice to hear, and I appreciate your post.

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Someone who will appreciate what my age and wisdom brings to the partnership. I am happier than I have ever been and what I truly have learned is that I don’t need a man to make me complete. Save NYC Speed Dating |Single Men and women ages 30s & 40s to your collection. Save Long Island Speed Dating |Single Men ages and women ages to your collection. Save Long Island Speed Dating |Single Men and women ages to your collection. Save Stamford CT (Connecticut Speed Dating- |Single Men and women ages 30s & 40s to your collection.

Therefore, I understand why he would be gun shy to getting married again, and if so, wanting a prenup . I am not in a hurry to get remarried, however, I am not interested in being just a bed buddy for an infinite time. I want to find my soulmate again, I thought I had it.

Unless you girls out there give me some pointers, I dont have much hope of spending time with women close to my age. Am 54 and I tend to date women in their late 30s to early 50s. Dating women with kids is a pain.

I have a lot of single male friends. I dont know any who are with or date women more than a decade their junior. Who they ‘don’t want’ to date is grandma. Nothing less attractive than short hair, glasses and frumpy.

It doesn’t give much hope to those that really just want something meaningful without all the BS. Tim…I never hung out in bars when I was young and single and I don’t want to do it now either. I just don’t have the energy anymore to deal with trying to get out there and flaunt myself. Dating sites contain a lot of liars and creepy people of both genders.