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I don’t think you are asking for anything unreasonable, and I can’t understand the concept of a woman loving you but she doesn’t want to be intimate. Seems like a contradiction and very immature on her part. I think it is about getting back to the basics of respect, compassion, giving, and understanding. Everyone is different, but with a measure of commitment I think a relationship can work at any age. But it has to come from both sides and there has to be genuine caring and a selfless attitude without giving up who you truly are as a person. Just depends if both sides want it badly enough.

Give any relationship a good deal of time to grow and develop, and pace yourself with the finances. You don’t have to get married again either. That is something you deal with if you’ve been in a relationship for a good amount of time and you have honesty and trust.

I’m 38, and having older women hit on me on online dating sites is a big turn off. Just letting you girls know that the young guys who are still decent will make the first move if they find you attractive. There’s a double standard alright but that’s just science. I’d like a partner again for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Even though I believe that marriage is a sacred commitment, a true testament to how a couple feels about each other, I don’t believe that many people are cut out for it anymore these days.

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Women want companionship and men do too. Men like sex, and women do too when the man wants a life with them and them alone and waits for them to feel good before he lets himself feel good. Through our journeys and observations what we’ve seen and learned is that life is what you make of it. And if you fail to adapt you will die and sometimes suffer fates worse than death. I can’t think of anything sadder than having to wait to die, and then to do it alone.


Dating experts claim that this platform has the most vicious number of serious relationship users. The more honesty you answer, the more good matches you’ll receive on the site. The next step is to create a profile that is attractive yet realistic.

Women at this stage often have never married for certain reasons or have separated from their partner due to death or divorce. It’s very possible they don’t want to start over again, nor do they want to be swept off their feet. Still, healthy men are in high demand in assisted-living homes, Brown told me. We all have insecurities and baggage from our past—from failed relationships to health issues or problems with your children. But to get back into the dating world, you need to be willing to leave your baggage behind and not let it keep you from finding future happiness with someone. On top of that, if you’ve been out of the dating scene for 20 or 30 years, you’ll come to realize that a lot has changed.

If we all just get back to respecting each other and appreciating what each gender has to offer, we might have a chance at NOT becoming the most disconnected culture on earth. I would never go out with an old woman again, they are to sexist. Thank you, I really like your point about the statistics. I went online tonight looking for articles to give tips and ways to make the best of my situation. You even let them shack up with their boyfriends on your dime.

I am not a shallow woman by any means. My problem is finding a man who wants a deep, meaningful connection without concerns for materialism and baggage from the past. I am an idealist, but times have changed.

It may be a little old fashioned, but I prefer the original method of courtship. I don’t have a sense of entitlement and I pay my way for many, many things, but I like a man to be a man. Nothing wrong with a little chivalry, even in this day and age. Down the road if the relationship turns into something meaningful I don’t mind doing my share of paying for dinner and other activities.

Dude get that fixed if you want to have fun !! Then you get the men who are in denial with their soft performing noodle. If a man over 60 is not going to perform with a good hard on dont bother !

Hi Meribast, I like and agree with your message, it’s so true and fitting for most of us in our 50+ years. I agree with what you had to say in your message. It’s so true and fitting for people in the 50+ age group. I was in an abusive relationship for 25 years and never want to be in one again.

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If only for the fact that I know I deserve what I’m looking for. And that doesn’t mean perfection in someone or a man 6ft tall. I would do the same, and I have a lot of love to give the right man if I can find him. On the internet sites, women have, quite frankly, totally unrealistic expectations. There’s some truisms and I don’t give a rat’s rear end about what women say… being short (and I’m fit and I’m in the gym all the time, or taking yoga, or power walking) is a HUGE disadvantage. If I were 6′ in American culture, I would have my pick of GFs.

I’ve heard women effectively say that they want a strong, manly man who will be do whatever they want them to do. They want a husband who’ll control them and tell them what to do but at the same time they firstmet want to control their husband and at the same time they want an equal partner. This is a deep emotional need for some women and some know it doesn’t make any sense and others know but rationalize it.

Remember when dating was about meeting a potential mate through a friend and getting to know them over dinner and a movie? Well, if you’re dating in your 50s, you know that it can be so much more complicated than that idyllic scene of your younger years. You might be reemerging on the dating scene following a long hiatus, perhaps after being divorced or widowed—only to find that the rules of the game have changed. In fact, there are many particular challenges that come with dating as a 50-something. Here, therapists, relationship coaches, couples counselors, and more explain why dating is so much harder at mid-life. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, it pays to follow some basic etiquette rules when online dating, including responding to messages in a timely manner.