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Watch The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Sneak Peek: Jen Shah And Meredith Marks Address “Vagina Gate”

As Meredith continues to question Jen about her liking of homophobic tweets about Brooks, which she denies, Meredith then pulls out her cell phone and shows Jen the tweets and likes she was referring to. “I’m telling you, I didn’t like it,” Jen says, defending herself, before Meredith points out, “That’s probably one of 20, 30 different comments that are aggressive and hostile towards my family.” The ladies eventually gather for their ice fishing outing, where Jen explains to Lisa that Meredith said she was “unavailable,” while Mary told her that sitting on a lake and catching fish did not interest her. In addition to Jen, police arrested her assistant,Stuart Smith, – who is also featured on the show. Brooks, 21, became upset at the reality star “exposing her vagina” and appeared to be disgusted at her behavior.

Calling out “homophobic tweets” targeted at Brooks’ sexuality, Meredith tells Jen that her liking of the social media posts was “really painful.” Mary then tells her that because she got an invite, that is her “outlet” to explain that Jen’s social media actions are hurting her family and that she needs to stop. If found guilty following the ongoing investigation, they could each potentially face up to 30 years in prison. According to legal documents obtained by The Sun, they are accused of targeting senior citizens to scam them out of money in their alleged scheme.

“I only knew her peripherally before that and I got swept up into it, much like the audience did.” So how does Meredith actually feel about the party now scam? that it’s all said and done? She opened up about the extravaganza on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen episode following the series premiere.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah has responded to claims from castmate Meredith Marks that a person linked with Shah was responsible for the theft of a green snakeskin purse at her store last year. Jen introduces the ladies to her friend Angie Katsanevas, a business-owner, wife and mother. Ever loyal, she always has her friends’ backs, but will speak her mind when they cross her. No stranger to the RHOSLC social scene, Angie Harrington has lived in Salt Lake for years with her husband and three sons.

Celebrity jewelry designer Meredith Marks and husband Seth premiered on the show and opened up about their marital issues. After 25 years of marriage, the couple had difficulty seeing eye to eye as he worked in Ohio most of the time while she ran her Park City-based store. Meredith seems like the kind of person who will vouch for people who treat her good. Mary hasn’t even done anything to her, so she sticks up for her. Does Jen Shah’s pushed sentencing mean she’ll be in attendance at the season 3 reunion of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?

And she’s decidedly rude to Duy when he tries to be polite to her. Whitney brings Seth a cake in the shape of a pair of ample breasts, purportedly modeled on her own. John Barlow, Justin Rose, Seth Marks and Duy Tran (Jennie’s husband) meet at Mulligan’s in South Jordan for a round of golf.

Is Meredith Marks angry with ‘RHOSLC’ co-star Jen Shah over a man? Here’s the TRUTH

“I wrote about what it felt like when I was 12. I wrote about what it felt like when I was 15, to be interrogated about touching myself.” “Well, you have to consider I really was tempted to rewrite history, given the context of everything that’s come to light with Jen and her crimes,” Gay explains. “My goal when I wrote the book was to write it from my perspective as it occurred.” The book was written by Gay over the last year — and at the time, she wanted to be in the moment with her feelings.

About Jen Shah Slams Andy Cohen Episode

They were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. HollywoodLife reached out to Bravo for a comment, but we did not receive an immediate response. Jen became a reality TV star when RHOSLC premiered on Nov. 11, 2020. Season 2 is currently in production, however, it’s not yet clear if cameras were rolling when Jen was arrested. The TV personality has been accused of targeting “vulnerable, often elderly, working-class people” out of money in a wire fraud scam, and is facing 30 years in prison. She was referencing Jen getting arrested last March by federal authorities and charged for allegedly running a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme.

Major Casting Shakeup Coming to RHOLSC; Three New Housewives Set to Join Franchise Plus, Meredith Marks Talks Jen Shah’s Exit

Meredith told them she missed the bus ride to Vail because of a memorial for her late father — but now, the women on the bus express doubts about whether that was true. I just hope here’s no FBI coming to raid the bus this time,” Jennie Nguyen says, as they’re gathering in a parking lot at Sugar House Park. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 is now available to stream in full on Peacock and Bravo TV. “Guilty, innocent, in between, I will always root for the underdog,” Meredith, who joined Jen for her 2022 hearing, said on the reunion episode. On Jan. 6, she was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison and is due to report later this month. For more on this story, listen below to our daily podcast PEOPLE Every Day.

And she’s clearly claiming that Meredith’s antipathy toward her is the result of her knowledge of that affair. Lisa points out that it’s not like she and Meredith have been the best of friends of late. “We were not OK” at Jennie’s luncheon or at Whitney’s event in recent weeks. “I call out what I think is right and wrong,” Lisa says. Although Meredith Marks stayed mum on her feelings when it came to Sharrieff, the ladies weren’t afraid to remind her about her comments that something was “up” with Jen back in season 2. “It was very expensive and a lot of people came forward with money,” Heather said of the Shah’s stressful situation.

Meredith Marks Addresses Rumors She Was Involved With Jen Shah’s Arrest

Andy continuously grilled the women if they thought Jen ultimately pled guilty to keep her husband from being implicated in any way. ‘This is the best girls trip ever,’ Heather said as the episode concluded. I need to wipe the whole circle out, bottom line,’ Meredith told Brooks over the phone.

All these health problems.” She adds that she “never imagined that I’d be questioned about it. That I’d get hate for it” from both fellow cast members and viewers. (Charles Sykes | Bravo) Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Andy Cohen, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow on the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Season 3 reunion. None of the women’s feuds are resolved in the Season 3 finale. “I don’t know the first thing about their relationship,” she said. I don’t think you could be so supportive if she was implicated because we were there with them and it was like he wanted to read everything,” the Beauty Lab owner added.

Jen stands up, moves toward Lisa and shouts, “Shut the up! ” She keeps it up until Lisa snaps, yelling back at Jen. Lisa is incredibly upset, and it’s difficult to understand exactly what she’s saying.

She then went onto describe how her friendships with the other women on the show are going. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks admits that she and Jen are not on good terms following the reunion. Mary, who has made racist comments to Jennie twice that we know of, remains convinced that she’s in the right. Meredith arranges a 49th birthday party for Seth, around the rooftop pool at Goldener Hirsch hotel in Deer Valley. Heather asks if Jen thinks Mary had anything to do with her arrest.